Hello Amit,

First hearty congratulations for your achievement and best luck for your good career start!

I want ask some info about how you dealt with room owner. I know that he is going to count from 10 onwards. What else did he talk? Was he asking for full 6 month advance like your room-owner or he want 3 month advance or likewise? What did you say to him? I don't expect you to deal on my behalf but just want to know how you responded to his demands. And one important info i.e. how your friends dealt with him. Did they give him 3 month advance? Were they paying him per-month-rent before month (i.e. in advance) or after month? I don't say to deal with him on my behalf but if you are going to do or if room-owner asking about it then, for me, there is no problem if he takes  advance of 2 or 3 months first and then onwards charges per-month room-rent after month (preferably) or before month. Please, give me phone no. of room-owner.

Next should I bring my bed-sheet or he will provide it. Do you know current vacancy position at his PG ? i.e. where there are vacancies in inner or outer room or in another PG, etc.

Do I ask too much? yes, I am going to ask more but about you and about your job. Oh! but not now! We are going to meet there. Then I will ask in detail.

Please send me email-IDs of Mayuresh Vaze, Kale, Barai, Sundar and other friends who knows me. I want to write them long, boring mails like this one. By now, you may have got practice to defend my mailing assaults.

Have a nice time! and nice receptionist, too!

PS: Your father told me that they will draw DD till 13th September. I will collect then and will bring to you. This means you have got a nice room. Give me address of it.

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